$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper $100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Now you can with this authentic looking $100 bill toilet paper.If you want to show your contempt for currency and feel that the dollar is devalued you can use it to wipe your bottom on and express your true feelings about the state of the financial system!Consisting of 100% genuine completely fake hundred dollar bills this is an ideal gift for anyone that spends all their time daydreaming of riches or complaining about the credit crunch! Genuine copy of US currency permitted under UNITED STATES CODE; 504: Treasury Directive Number 15-56 FR 48539 (September 15 1993) 411.1 as it meets the requirement that it is only printed on one side and is more than one and a half times larger than the actual note.

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